Compete in the 54th edition of the Tour de l’Abitibi Glencore !

The Tour de l’Abitibi is a road race competition for the Junior Men’s category. It is part of the UCI Nations Cup series and is also sanctioned by Cycling Canada and the Fédération Québécoise des Sports Cyclistes (FQSC). This year, the Tour will celebrate its 54th anniversary and, hereby, invites you to participate from July 15-21st, 2024. Val-d’Or will be the host city for this edition. By accepting this invitation, your team will live the experience of a professional organization besides taking up the challenge of competition and discovering the beautiful region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. In this document, you will find the necessary information to register your team in the Tour de l’Abitibi Glencore. If you have any questions about this document, please feel free to contact us. The organization of the Tour cycliste de l’Abitibi inc.

The Tour cycliste de l’Abitibi inc. organization will give priority to the 25 national teams at the top of the final Ncup Junior 2024 ranking. National teams that are not among the 25 top teams of the final Ncup Junior 2024 ranking will be given priority over regional teams. All national teams have until Friday, May 31st, 2024 to inform the organization of their intention to participate in the Tour de l’Abitibi and keep their priority. The competition is open to junior men riders born in 2006 and 2007. The Tour de l’Abitibi is restricted to riders having a 2024 international license issued by a cycling federation recognized by the UCI. Each team consists of a maximum of nine (9) members: six (6) riders, one (1) team manager (director sportif), one (1) mechanic and one (1) masseur/other.

  • To be accepted, a team must have a minimum of four (4) riders and a maximum of six (6).
  • If a team anticipates on having more than three (3) accompanying persons, the team manager has to contact the Tour to know the possibilities to have a 10th member on the team.
  • Each team must have at least one member who speaks either French of English.

Each team shall designate a team manager to represent the team. Any communication with the team will be made through the team manager. In 2024, the organization accepts a maximum of thirty (30) teams: 180 riders. The national teams will be accepted in priority. The remaining places will be filled by a selection process among the enrolment forms received from regional teams. Each team participating in the Tour has to satisfy the requirements of this Registration Policy. The team who satisfy the requirements of the Registration Policy guarantees the team’s eligibility to receive the individual and team bursaries.

  •  The Tour can assist a national representation team with its fees; in agreement with article 2.2.009 of UCI regulations.
  • The Tour, according to an agreement with the FQSC, has the right to refuse or accept any registration within a week after its reception.

The organization provides lodging and feeding during the official dates which are from noon on July 14th to July 22th, 2024 in the morning. Concerning the transport to go to the headquarters, you will obtain more details later in this document and in the Registration Policy

The race headquarters is in Polyvalente Le Carrefour in Val-d’Or. Lodging will be available there. Each team will have a classroom where mattresses and sheets will be provided. A maximum of three (3) attendants is accepted so for a team of six (6) riders and three (3) attendants, the Tour is taking in charge nine (9) people. In the event of a fourth accompanying person, there will be an extra charge of $250 CAD for lodging and feeding if that person is staying at the headquarters.

It is mandatory that an accompanying adult member stay with the team during all overnight stays.

If a person is staying in a hotel and eating outside the headquarters, he or she will have to cover for the charges. Every meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) is provided by the organization from Sunday, July 14th (dinner) to Monday morning, July 22th, 2024 (breakfast). Extra servings will be charged. The organization must be advised of any early arrival or late departure as soon as possible. The organization does not take in charge any teams or any member of a team outside of those dates. However, we remain open and will proceed case by case.

A deposit of $200 CAD is asked of every team to guarantee their cooperation in the up-keeping of their room throughout the week. At the end of the week, after room inspection, the return of the key and authorization of the persons in charge of the race headquarters, the deposit will be refunded to the teams. However, this deposit can be applied to a team’s dues regarding this Registration Policy. .


Upon their arrival at the race headquarters, each member of the team will receive his identification card. To avoid any delays and misunderstandings, the organization has decided to give accreditations only to the persons whose names were sent by their teams 72 hours prior to the start of Stage 1. The card must be worn at all times in the race headquarters. It is possible to obtain a card that allows a person to come and go in the headquarters without giving access to the cafeteria. For a person who is not staying at the headquarters, it is possible to have a pass for the cafeteria in return for payment.

 Teams have the obligation to send an updated list of all their riders and accompanying persons or confirm a list previously sent before Friday July 12th, 2024: 72 hours before the start of the race.


At the team’s arrival at the race headquarters, an official registration meeting will be held between each team and delegates from the organization to complete the registration process. It will last between thirty (30) and forty-five (45) minutes.

  • At this meeting, every team shall make their second and final registration payement as well as payement for any needs concerning extra lodging and feeding.
  • A refundable deposit of $200 CAD has to be given to the organization as a guarantee for the rooms.
  • Riders numbers, frame numbers, the technical guide and other informations will be distributed to the team manager during this meeting.

During the Tour, It is essential that team managers be aware of any documents left in their mailbox near the administrative office at the race headquarters. No deliveries will be made to team’s rooms.

Regional teams have to arrange for their own transportation to Val-d’Or. If you need information on ways to get to Val-d’Or (bus, plane, etc.), feel free to contact us. The Tour cycliste de l’Abitibi inc. organization can provide a car to the team who clearly requests it on the Team form. The Tour will take charge of the booking and will charge with the team’s credit card info. The cost is $850 CAD, bike rack included. Insurance and gas are NOT INCLUDED. The team must accept to be charged on the credit card if damage is done to the car. If you only need a bike rack, the cost is $250 CAD. It should be noted that types of bike rack placed behind the trunk or the rear window are strictly forbidden.

After June Friday 7th, 2024, the Tour will no longer be renting cars or bicycle racks for any team.

During the races, each team has to use its vehicle and respect the caravan rules. Take note that vehicles in the caravan cannot exceed 1,66 m in height. Every driver in the caravan must have experience in this type of driving. In addition, all passengers in team vehicules must have their UCI license. Every vehicle is equipped with a Radio-Tour which allows to permanently broadcast information throughout the stage. A notice for the installation of this radio will be given on the first day of competition.

International rules of the UCI and Cycling Canada will prevail during the event in addition to the Tour’s specific rules. These specific rules can be found in the Technical guide that will be given to the teams upon their arrival. Individual and team classification results are available to each team, to the caravan and to the public after each stage and at the end of the Tour. Four jerseys will be awarded :

Brown jersey: Awarded to the leader of the individual time classification at every stage during the event; taking into account all bonus and penalties awarded. For the first stage, the results of the prologue will be used to determine the holder of the brown jersey. This color cannot be used by any team on their own jerseys.
Orange jersey: Awarded to the leader of the general classification by points at each stage. This color cannot be used by any team on their own jerseys.
Blue jersey: For first year juniors only, awarded to the leader in the individual time classification at every stage during the event; taking into account all bonus and penalties awarded. This color cannot be used by any team on their own jerseys.
Polka dot jersey: Leader – King of Mountain.

Medical Insurance

Every team member (riders AND accompanying persons) must have valid medical insurance. In case of serious injury which requires hospitalization or an operation, the insurance must cover all administrative and medical charges. A proof of insurance (card or photocopies) has to be shown at the official registration meeting so photocopies can be made for the medical team.

Teams will be publicly presented on Monday, July 15th , late afternoon. All teams must take part in the official presentation at the opening ceremonies. In addition to the teams’ official presentation, an official ceremony will take place every day during the Tour. These ceremonies are held a few minutes after the end of the last race of the day. The organization presents the medalists and the leaders of the brown, orange, blue and polka dot jerseys. All medalists and leaders must be present at the ceremonies. Ceremonies generally take place on the stage beside the finish line. After the race, immediately after gear check, winners must present themselves backstage where a waiting area is planned for them. On stage, medalists and leaders must wear their official team jersey. Also, no caps or glasses are allowed, unless it’s representing a sponsor. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday evening, July 21.

All prizes are in Canadian dollars (CAD). The organization will proceed to the bursary distribution once dope test results are known.

Individual Classification by time – FINAL

1rst: 400 $
2nd: 200 $
3rd: 150 $
4th : 115 $
5th to 10th: 95 $
11th to 20th: 45 $

Total value – 1 885$

Individual Classification by points – FINAL

1st: 80 $
2nd: 60 $
3rd: 40 $

Total value – 180$

Team Challenge – FINAL

1st: 200 $
2nd: 160 $
3rd: 120 $

Total value – 480$

Classification – King of Mountain

1st: 80 $
2nd: 60 $
3rd: 40 $

Total value – 180$

Best rider from Abitibi-Témiscamingue – FINAL

Total value – 150$

Some mayors of the region are sponsoring bursaries for Mayor sprints. Those bursaries will be given to winners during the award ceremony at the end of the week.

Half-Stage Individual Classification

1st: 145 $
2nd: 110 $
3rd: 75 $
4th: 60 $
5th to 10th: 45 $
11th to 20th: 30 $

Total value – 960$

Stage Individual Classification

1st: 255 $
2nd: 145 $
3rd: 110 $
4th: 90 $
5th to 10th: 75 $
11th to 20th: 30 $

Total value – 1 350$

For a rigorous progress, the deadlines must be respected. Any registration or modifications received after these dates might be rejected. Deadlines for registration in the 54th edition of the Tour de l’Abitibi are different than mentioned in UCI rules because it is presented out of Europe.

Friday, May 31st, 2024 : Enrollment Form (signed) and reception of participation intentions of National teams

Friday, June 7th, 2024 : Enrollment form (signed), Team form, resumes, deposit and reception of the official documents for registration at the organization’s office/by email

Monday, June 10th, 2024 : Confirmation, by the organization, of participating teams in the Tour de l’Abitibi 2023.

Friday, July 12th, 2024 : (72 hours before Stage 1) Riders list, resumes and last modifications to the teams (confirmation of riders list and accompanying persons).

The 2024 edition registration fees are fixed per team for all days of competition (from Monday, July 15th to Sunday, July 21st 2024). There are no additional fees for an arrival on Sunday, July 14th and a departure on Monday AM, July 22nd. A team includes up to six riders and three attendants (9 persons). The total registration fees are $6,300 CAD, to be made in two (2) payments:

  • First payment of $2,300 CAD: upon registration, before June 10th, 2024.
  • Second payment of $4,000 CAD: at the official registration meeting, after your arrival in Val-d’Or on July 14th or 15th.

Extra fees for lodging and feeding of a 10th person will have to be paid at the meeting. Every team application for registration must be accompanied by a deposit of $2,300 CAD made by cheque payable to the Tour cycliste de l’Abitibi inc., by credit card on the online registration platform or by bank transfer. The deposit, if made by check, must be sent at our office. Wire transfer info available on demand. The $2,300 CAD deposit will be returned if the team is not selected. There won’t be any refund awarded if the team has been accepted but decide against participating in the Tour nor will any refund be granted to any incomplete team.

Registration is according to terms and conditions of this Registration Policy, which have been received and perused by the team. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the present registration and will be applied under necessary conditions.

The enrolment will only be validated once the Tour receives the deposit, the official enrolment, the team form and a resume for each rider.

  • Each team must send the resumes of its riders at the same time as registration so that the selection committee can choose teams if needed.
  • Resumes have to be sent to the Tour by mail or email no later than June Friday 3rd, 2024 (in accordance with the registration deadlines). If for any reason the composition of your team will not be known before this date (i.e. waiting for national selections), please inform the organization.
  • If there are any changes to the team, the resumes have to be updated by July Friday 12th, 2024 : 72 hours before the start of the race and at the same time as the team’s official riders list.
  • Resumes will also be used by the speakers and the analysts of the Tour to inform the public about the riders.
  • In case a rider is borrowed from another team to participate in the competition, its original team must deliver an official release letter enabling him to participate in the competition with another team. This letter must be given at the official registration meeting. The chief commissaire has the right to exclude a rider without a release letter.


Official Enrolment Form 2024

Team form 2024

Challenge Sprint Form 2024


1122, 8e Rue – Suite 201
Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 3N6 Canada

[email protected]


Average temperature of 17 oC

Time Zone

GTM -5


Depending on your country of origin, it is advised to get information at the Embassy or the nearest Canadian Consulate : Make your demand at least one month before your departure to Canada. Request your invitation letter: [email protected]

Electric current

120 volts (60 cycles). Plugs cannot receive European’s. It is necessary to bring an adapter.


Canadian Dollars (approx. : 1 CAD = 0,8 USD / 1 € = 1,35 CAD)

Nearest International Airport

Aéroport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau in Dorval (Montreal). This airport is a 5 hours 30 minutes drive away from Val-d’Or (517 km).

Regional Airport

Val-d’Or Regional Airport. Please before making any bookings contact us at [email protected]


During the Tour, it will be possible to use laundry services at your own expenses. Besides the race’s promotional items, pictures of the riders and the teams in action during the races will be sold.

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