The Tour de l’Abitibi, an international cycling race, welcomes 150 riders annually in an intense competition. The Tour is a recognized and coveted event around the world, as it is the only one of the nine UCI Junior Nations Cup events to be presented in America. During its 55-year history, the Tour has welcomed participants from more than 40 countries and continues to be an excellent springboard for aspiring cyclists in the professional ranks.

Presented jointly for two days, the Tour de la Relève welcomes girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 16 from Quebec’s next generation of cyclists. The Tour de la Relève is the fourth stage in a five-race series of the Quebec Cup, powered by the Grand Prix Cyclistes de Québec and Montréal.


Board of Directors

Mélanie Rocher, President
Christine Beausoleil, Vice-President
Jean-Francois Blais, Secretary
Daniel Tétreault, Treasurer
Bruno Gauthier, Director
Sandra Ataman, Director
Suzanne Fortin, Director
Guillaume Barbes, Director
Guillaume Beaulieu, Representative for the city of Rouyn-Noranda
Martin Rochette, Representative for city of Rouyn-Noranda
Martin Lavoie, Representative for the city of Val-d’Or
Luc Lavoie, Representative for the city of Val-d’Or
Ghislain Doyon, Representative for city of Amos
Annie Quenneville, Representative for city of Amos


Myriam Audet, Coordinator
Alicia Fontaine-Fortin, Communications Agent
Amélie Gélinas, Project Manager of the Tour de l’Abitibi
Antoine St-Jean, Project Manager of the Tour de la Relève

Organizing Committee

Accommodation : Subway Cycling Club (Mathieu Roy)
Administrative headquarters : Pierre Dupuis
Board representative : Suzanne Fortin
Cafeteria : Pierre and France Galarneau
Communications : Sophie-Kristine Richard
Equipment and facilities: Michel Laverdure
Links City of Val-d’Or:  Luc Lavoie
Medical: Marie-Ève Dionne and Tina Aubé
Motorcycles: Yves Aubé
Protocol: Julie Pelletier
Security: Steve Roussil
SQ Managers: 
Technique: Christine Beausoleil, Pierrick Naud and Bruno Gauthier
Tour de la Relève : Stéphane Larose, Mark Tremblay, David Fiset and Francis Fortin
Transport: Robert Noury
VIP: Claude Deraps
Welcome & accreditation: Claudette Aylwin